Ordering & Class Information

Schedule an appointment

All meetings are by appointment only. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Of course, we can correspond by email and telephone, text, facetime, skype, and fax as well. Please contact me at anytime!

Private/Group Lessons

Want to get all of your Bridesmaids together and address your wedding envelopes? Want to freshen up on your handwriting before addressing all of those envelopes? Private and Group lessons are available. Brides-to-be, watch for upcoming “envie parties” where you can bring members of your wedding party and after a quick lesson on properly addressing your envelopes, you have the opportunity to spend the afternoon addressing your own invitations or save the dates with other Brides-to-be! Want more information? Just email me! I currently do not have any classes available – if you would like to be notified when I will be offering a class, please just email me. I have teaching experience at Michael’s Craft Stores, and have hosted several classes at the YMCA of Grand Rapids and in Holland. If you would like me to come a teach a Girl Scout/Boy Scout Group, or a Home School Group, I would love to talk with you further!

Specialty Ink Colors

If you are interested in a specific color of ink, please let me know. Many custom colors are available. There may be a nominal fee charged for mixing/ordering a unique color. Most popular ink colors are: Blue, Turquoise, Burgundy, Lavender, Gold, Silver, Green, Pink, Red, and Orange – there are many shades/variations that can be offered to match your colors.

Paper Stock

To ensure that your envelopes, place cards, or other paper product can be lettered on properly, I will be happy to test it for you. Some papers are incredibly thin, therefore the ink may “bleed”, or they may not be thin enough for the ink to absorb properly. The higher the cotton content, usually the better quality of paper.

Preparing Your Guest List

Below are some tips for compiling your address list. If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to assist you.

Nicknames and abbreviations should be avoided if possible, except for Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms., etc.
Cities, States, and Numbered Streets are to be written out in full (with the exception of Washington, D.C.) Saint (St.) and Mount (Mt.) can be written either way.

To verify zip codes on the Internet, please visit www.usps.com/zip4. Zip codes should only be five numbers. (The extra 4 are only for bulk mailing purposes — wedding invitations would not apply). Please pay careful attention to the proper addressing of foreign guests, great tips can be found on www.usps.com.

Don’t address male guests as “Mr.” if female guests won’t have titles.

Married couples with different last names should be noted with “and” between their names. Unmarried couples are not joined with “and” and their names appear on separate lines.

Single women of any age can be called “Miss,” although it is also common to use that title for girls under the age of 13. Addressing boys as “Master” until their thirteenth birthday is appropriate for a formal reception. It is always acceptable, however, to use children’s names without any titles.

For inner envelopes, please note if you would like the “F” in family and the “G” in guest capitalized.

Submitting Your Guest List

When you prepare your guest list, the easiest and most efficient way is to create your list using Microsoft Word, Excel, or another text document. I prefer to have the list typed (not handwritten) and sent as an email attachment, if at all possible. If doing a spreadsheet, one column should be for “Outer Envelope” and the second for “Inner Envelope” Please don’t type in all capital letters, it makes it hard to read. A good idea is to number each guest name. This makes for easy reference if there are any questions. If you have any addresses that are incomplete, please make note so I know to wait until you have confirmed the correct information. Please keep in mind if you abbreviate states or other words, I will write it out in full. Please include at least one line space between guest entries to keep them separated.

A complete guest list is to be submitted at once, not in sections. I know there will always be late additions or last-minute changes, and that is fine as long as I have the most complete list by the project start date. Late additions and changes will be accepted as long as I am still working on the project. If the project is already completed and there are additions, there will be a fee assessed.

Spelling or address errors that are not corrected before the item is addressed will be rewritten, and you will be charged for both the original item and the corrected item. Errors that are my fault will be rewritten at no charge.


To address 100 invitations, both inner and other envelopes, takes me two to three days from the approval of the sample and upon receiving the final guest list, depending on the script. Generally, place cards are completed in one day, and those are arranged do be completed the week of your wedding when your guest list is confirmed. Please book orders in advance, especially if you wedding is in the Spring or Summer. You should send out your invitations six to eight weeks before your wedding date. Rush order are accepted if my schedule permits, a rush fee may be applied. Please note that in order for me to stick to the timeline I provide you, I must receive all items, complete and accurate from you by the dates we negotiate. If at any time you wish the change the due date to an earlier date after the work schedule is set, and I am able to meet the new date, a rush fee may apply. I will do my best to accommodate any orders!