Outer & Inner Envelopes

wedding invitations and envelopes There are so many styles to choose from when selecting your perfect wedding invitation! Your invitation should reflect your personality, and the style of the wedding – whether formal or casual. When guests receive your invitation, it is the first indicator of what is to come. Having your envelopes hand addressed, adds a personal touch to your wedding. The hand lettering style that you select should look great with the printed script on your invitations, and at the same time, reflect the tone of your wedding. Please keep in mind that most lettering styles have variations that can be customized to complement your invitation typeface. Another note is to make sure you have a nice quality envelope, some envelopes which are very thin and won’t be able to “hold” the ink as well as those with “shiny” surfaces (other options may be available instead of ink).

Place & Table Cards

Seating/Place Cards and/or Escort Cards 
(Also known as “Escort Cards”) display guests’ names along with their table number. They are usually arranged on a decorated table near the guest entrance to the room where the reception will take place. Cards are to be arranged in alphabetical order, in rows that are quick and easy to scan. Cards can be either a tent-fold style or placed in miniature envelopes with the guest name on the outside and the table number on the inside. Using miniature envelopes allows for last minute changes – you can quickly swap the cards on the inside of the envelope. Place Cards are set on the table at the place where the guest will be dining. There are many ways to arrange a place card – above the plate is the most common. A single guest name (either first name or entire name) is written on the place card. To help locate their seat, a Seating Scroll may be used. Upon entering the reception, the guest would look for their name on the scroll, and be directed to the correct table. When at the table, the guest would look for his or her place card.  

Custom Seating Scrolls/Charts

Seating Charts For the Bride and Groom looking for a “wow” impact at their reception site, a custom Seating Chart is a must. In lieu of escort cards, a Seating Chart is displayed at the ballroom entrance and welcomes guests to their assigned tables. Each one of my Seating Charts are each custom works of art, there is no “template” as I use your stationery, wedding theme, colors, reception location, and more as inspiration. Seating charts can be made any size, and look absolutely lovely matted and framed or alone. Prices for Seating Charts start at $75.00 and depend on the amount of names to be lettered, overall size, and design. Although pre-reservations are necessary, I do the actual lettering of names the week of your wedding when your guest list is confirmed. This makes for a wonderful memento piece of your special wedding day!